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King Richards Faire ‘03,’ 04 Stage Act

King Arthur’s Faire ‘02, ‘03, ‘04 Stage Act, Street

Performers Robin Hood Faire ‘02, ‘03, ‘04 Stage Act, Street

Performers Ye Olde Medieval Faire ‘02, ‘03 Street Performer

Vermont Renaissance Faire ‘04 Stage Act

Carolina Renaissance Faire ‘04 Guest Performers

Winterfest ‘04 Stage Performers

Belcort Castle Medieval Dinner ‘04 Performer

Four Winds Renaissance Faire ‘05 Stage Act

Scarborough Faire ‘05 Guest Performers

Mountain Kingdom Renaissance Festival ‘05 Stage Act

Greater St. Louis Renaissance Faire ‘05 Stage Act

Colorado Renaissance Festival ‘05 Stage Act

Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire ‘05 Stage Act

Ohio Renaissance Festival ‘05 Guest Performers

Ontario Renaissance Faire ‘05 Stage Act

Apprentice Actor Training Programs

King Richard’s Faire 2003/’04

Vermont Renaissance Faire 2004
Other Appearances

We have also performed at corporate events, coffee houses, private parties and pubs.
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